Dental & Medical Air Compressors, Gas Generators, Environmental Air Blowers, Aeration Diffusers & Liquid Pumps from Absolute Air and Gas Ltd

Dental & Medical Air Compressors, Gas Generators, Environmental Air Blowers, Aeration Diffusers & Liquid Pumps

Absolute Air & Gas was established back in 2011 by Adrian Lee, the former Managing Director of JUN-AIR & Gast for the UK & Europe. His small team quickly established a range of exclusive partnership agreements covering the UK & Ireland with a number of key suppliers into a diverse range of applications with compressors, pumps & blowers at their core.

As a specialist Compressed Air, vacuum, Gas & liquid company with over 30 years’ experience supplying products to the Dental, Medical, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Transport and Industrial markets, we offer the leading global brands for Air Compressors, Gas Generators, Pumps and Blowers to the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Our exclusive range of products have built their reputations over many years of performance and reliability, that is confidently passed on to our customers with a standard 2- year warranty on the majority of our units and 3-years on others. Our portfolio has been carefully chosen to provide excellent quality and value, which I am confident provides our customers with significant competitive advantages both commercially and technically.

Our values are simple; to supply exceptional products and deliver outstanding service. In doing so, Absolute Air & Gas is becoming the preferred and valued supplier to our customers.

Complete Solution & Customer Service

In representing the world’s leading suppliers of Air, Gas & Liquid pumping technology, we provide a complete service, from product advice to installing and servicing complete compressor and generator systems.

EKOM - The leading European supplier of Dental Compressors, Laboratory Compressors and OEM Compressors have some outstanding products. At the heart of their technology is the compressor pump, which is used as a medical device for Medical Ventilators, used in critical applications. They are a global supplier with outstanding credentials. We are delighted to be working with this company.

ABSOLUTE - We also have our own branded ABSOLUTE QUIET AIR oil lubricated and oil free compressor range, produced by the leading European manufacturer of this technology to our exacting specification,. We are partners with the largest European supplier of this technology.

HIBLOW - The market leader providing the HP series Linear Diaphragm Pumps to the Medical and Environmental markets. The new XP series has already proven its low power consumption benefits, which are multiplied again with its low voltage version. Completely new again in 2016 will be their “DUO” air blower offering simplified production for both SBR & BAF domestic sewage treatment systems.

NORRES – Unique air diffusers used in the aeration of clean, grey & dirty water, from applications such as domestic, municipal & industrial sewage treatment, to Lakes, Koi breeding & rainwater harvesting. The NORRES diffusers are manufactured in Germany to exacting standards and will out-perform any EPDM unit.

ELEKTROR – German quality side-channel blowers proven for use in larger flow and higher pressure environmental aeration applications.

CACHENG – Top quality Chinese manufactured liquid submersible pumps, suitable for domestic & industrial sewage discharge. Having imported thousands of branded units into Europe in the past, we are proud to offer their range. “Cacheng; The pump you didn’t know you knew!”

CINEL - A leading scientific company, has developed an advanced technology for the Gas generator market supplying ZeroAir generators, Nitrogen generators, Oxygen generators and Hydrogen generators.

We have a fully integrated service and technical support department that offer service advice for all our products. We can provide service for other compressor brands including JUN-AIR compressors. Please follow the links in our website to the market, application or brand you are looking for, or call us. We look forward to assisting you.

Adrian Lee

Managing Director